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Folding pocket umbrella auto-open-close telescopic Claude Monet: Waterlilies

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Whenever you get surprised by rain, take out this splendid umbrella with water lilies. The motif is from a painting by the Claude Monet (1840 to 1926). His water lily pond was a regular source of inspiration - as it is for our umbrella "Water Lilies".

  • 100 % protection from rain / 95 % UV protection
  • auto-open-close
  • The closure strap is made of the same material/design as the umbrella canopy and can be closed with a push button
  • An umbrella cover in the same material/design as the umbrella canopy is supplied.
  • Material: Fibre glass spokes, telescopic shaft, rubberised knob
  • Elastic fiberglass spokes make the umbrella robust and windproof
  • Canopy: 100 % Polyester
  • Closed: length 30 cm  / Open: length 50 cm / Diameter 100 cm
  • Weight: 300g