About us

From Sylt to the world.
The mudflats in the east, the surf in the west. Those who live on Sylt know and love the rugged coastal weather. The insular nature of Maren von Lilienfeld's home and the stimulating North Sea climate constantly inspire her to create new umbrella designs. The vivid stories told by her great-grandfather, who sailed the world's seas for decades, as well as her own extended journeys to Asia, America, and Africa, have served again and again as the source of new ideas. Today, Maren von Lilienfeld and her husband, Siegmar von Lilienfeld, are passionate manufactures and alers for unique and edgy umbrellas, and say whole heartedly: We love umbrellas. The von Lilienfelds now offer probably the widest selection in Europe of decorative and luxury umbrellas, as well as bridal and lace parasols, and cater not only to the women on Sylt, but also people all over the world. So whether you're faced with wind, stormy weather or even sunny moments, you won't be left out in the rain.